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"Those who find God find life."

Growing Deeper, Serving Wider.1

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Date: September 17, 2017

Speaker: Saleim Kahleh

Series: Growing Deeper, Serving Wider

Saleim Kahleh was raised as a Muslim in a loving Islamic home. After his first year of college, Saleim went on a quest to find the TRUTH about God and religion. The Lord Jesus revealed Himself to Saleim, and now
he testifies around the world about “The Goodness of God”. Saleim is a graduate from Houston Baptist University (HBU) with a Bachelor of Science in Christianity and Recreational Sports. Employed by HBU for over thirty years. He married Melanie Hancock in May, 1999 and they now have six beautiful children. Perfectly matched in callings, Melanie also has a passionate desire for all people to know and experience the love and goodness of God.